Wall Guard S-607

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This 120mm wall protection rail is well suited to corridors and walkways of busy buildings. This wall protection is a protective wall bumper with aluminum retainer and rigid PVC cover, which provides additional durability for heavy duty areas such as utility corridors where heavy carts and trolley damage is prevalent.
This 120mm wall protection rail can be utilized at mid or low level and widely used in hospitals, laboratories, schools, office buildings, hallways, corridors, waiting rooms, operating rooms, emergency rooms, back-of-house areas, alcoves, nurse stations, display cases, service areas.


PVC rail-2mm Thickness
Aluminum retainer-1.4mm Thickness
Stop end/external corner-ABS

Black anti-bumper strip


120mm Width
4m Length per piece or as customer requirement


From our standard range
Special colors available subject to quantity. Please contact us for details.

Wooden Color

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