Medical Anti-Collision Handrail

Medical special anti-collision handrails (Hospital Antibacterial Handrail) To reduce or avoid the risk of injury for people with reduced mobility (such as elderly people, foot injuries and frail patients, pregnant women, children), anti-collision handrails have become a necessary measure in hospital corridors, plus Its bright appearance, anti-collision armrests have both practical and decorative functions in one.

The hospital corridor anti-collision handrail (Hospital Antibacterial Handrail) PVC shell is beautiful in design, resistant to wear, corrosion, antibacterial, easy to install, easy to clean, and has good fire performance. Wall-mounted installation is adopted to effectively protect the outer corner of the building wall. The company’s products have been tested by authoritative organizations and have fully met the relevant requirements. Better progress has been made in impact resistance, flame retardancy, strain resistance, and oxidation resistance. Aisle handrails in hospitals are a kind of infrastructure that provides convenience to patients. Basically, all major hospitals are equipped.

Medical anti-collision handrails (Hospital Antibacterial Handrail) are the most commonly used materials in hospital institutions. There are many types of anti-collision handrails on the market. Generally, the materials are PVC aluminum alloy materials, and the specifications are as follows: 140mm handrails, 89mm handrails, 38mm Handrails, 159mm handrails, 143mm handrails, usually 140mm handrails are most commonly used in hospitals.

Because the price of each type of medical anti-collision handrail is different, and the thickness of the aluminum alloy in each style is different, so the price is also different. In addition, the anti-collision handrail will be equipped with: plug, PVC panel, base, rubber strip, Screws and other accessories are easy to install。

The anti-collision handrail is made of extruded parts of polymer materials, injection molded parts, anti-vibration pads, tightly matched with specially designed cavity structure and aluminum alloy;

Anti-collision handrail
Installed in public facilities such as hospitals, welfare homes, nursing homes, hotels, etc. to help patients and elderly people to walk, the core is made of high-quality aluminum alloy professional design;

Advantages of anti-collision handrail
Anti-collision handrails are made of high-polymer exterior decoration: PVC, ABS, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, anti-fall protection wall is firm and reliable, beautiful and practical.
The anti-collision handrails (Hospital Antibacterial Handrail) are easy to install and maintain and durable.
Various color models can meet the needs of different styles of environment.
The anti-collision handrail is flame retardant, antibacterial, simple in shape, crisp and easy to clean.
The inner core high-quality aluminum alloy is professionally designed and fastened reasonably.
Installed in hospitals, welfare homes, nursing homes, hotels and other public facilities to assist patients and elderly people to walk.
Anti-collision handrail product (Hospital Antibacterial Handrail) introduction:
The perfect combination of high-strength aluminum-titanium alloy inner bracket and vinyl resin material is a high-tech product that replaces traditional wooden and stainless steel handrails.

The fashionable colors give a dull and quiet public walkway a row of rainbows, adding vitality to the environment, buffering the destructive collisions from outside, and making the environment more beautiful.
Imported high-purity vinyl acrylate is used on the surface. It has strong flexibility, tough and smooth texture, and is not affected by the seasonal climate. It is straight, does not deform, does not crack, is resistant to acids and alkalis, and is not afraid of moisture and mold. The color stability is good, without fading due to environmental impact, and the bright and beautiful colors are consistent.
Medical anti-collision handrail product (Hospital Antibacterial Handrail) features:
Using high polymer as exterior decoration: PVC, PP / ABS, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial;
Easy to install, close to the wall, easy maintenance and durable;
Various styles, both wide and narrow, rich colors;
The inner core is professionally designed with high-quality aluminum alloy, and the fastening is reasonable;
Surface grain, fire and light resistance, easy to clean;
Use it together with the anti-collision handrail to protect the wall as a whole, anti-collision, impact, and impact resistance;
Specially designed anti-collision rubber strips play a role in shock and impact resistance;
The inner core is professionally designed with high-quality aluminum alloy, and the fastening is reasonable.
The expansion of the hospital should be adapted to local conditions, and the installation of suitable building materials in different areas of the building materials should be tailored according to the special requirements of the various departments of the hospital. This can not only reduce the construction cost, but also make the best use of it. For example, the sides of the stairs should be equipped with anti-collision guards, the corners should be anti-collision guards, and the walls should be anti-collision guards, so that it is beautiful and saves the maintenance of the wall. The special PVC floor and anti-collision handrail anti-collision exterior long-lasting anti-skid portrayal together ensure walking safety, showing the hospital’s considerate concern for patients!

Anti-collision handrails (Hospital Antibacterial Handrail) are made of high polymer as external decoration: PVC, PP / ABS, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial; simple device, convenient maintenance and durability, durable; diverse colors, novel appearance, suitable for many occasions; inner core is high-quality aluminum alloy Professional depiction, reasonable fastening; external skin pattern, fire and light resistance, sanitation and simplicity; maintenance of the wall, anti-collision and shock resistance, beautiful appearance; specially depicted anti-collision rubber strip, which has the effect of shock resistance and impact resistance.


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