Hospital Handrail S-602

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This 159mm width, 36mm diameter handrail is a universal handrail for offering support to those who require it whilst protecting the walls in people busy building.
Manufactured from a rigid PVC plastic the rail does not promote the growth of bacterial, is easy to clean and durable.
Available in a wide range of colors and with the ability to incorporate lettering, numerals and shapes, this handrail will complement any interior design scheme.
Also this handrails with a widely use in hospitals, schools, universities, laboratories, hallways, corridors, waiting rooms and nurse stations.


PVC Panel-2mm Thickness
Aluminum-1.4/1.6/1.8mm Thickness
Wall Return Ends-ABS
Internal/External Corners-ABS
Black anti-bumper strip


159mm width
36mm diameter grip top
Rail supplied in 4m Length or as customer requirement
76mm height from wall to top


From our standard range
Special colors available subject to quantity
Wooden color


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