Hospital Handrail S-601

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This Handrail S-601 140mm width, 36mm diameter handrail is a universal handrail for offering support to those who require it whilst protecting the walls in people busy building.
Manufactured from a rigid PVC plastic the rail does not promote the growth of bacterial, is easy to clean and durable.
Available in a wide range of colors and with the ability to incorporate lettering, numerals and shapes, this handrail will complement any interior design scheme.
Also this handrails with a widely use in hospitals, schools, universities, laboratories, hallways, corridors, waiting rooms and nurse stations.



PVC Panel-2mm Thickness
Wall Return Ends-ABS
Internal/External Corners-ABS
Black anti-bumper strip


140mm width
36mm diameter grip top
Rail supplied in 4m Length or as customer requirement
76mm height from wall to top
80-90cm install height from floor
60mm Width of color strip

  • General Color from our standard range
  • Special colors available subject to quantity
  • Stock on blue, light green, dark green, and pink
  • Wooden color

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