Warning PU tactile indicator S-902

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The Advantages of PU studs
1.All the size are compliant with Standard, +_ 1mm for the length, +- 0.5mm for the thickness, +-0.5 for the width.
2. Good surface, All of our products are unification, symmetrical & shine surface.
3. Environmental, We don’t do the electrolytic polishing .All of our products are very shine without any chemical processing.
4. Fast Delivery, 5-30days lead time. Our Monthly output is 250,000-300,000 pcs directional indicators.
5. All of our products don’t do the mould for the surface. Any quantity are processable.
6. Any size of the stems are workable without mould , As the different installation , there are many different stems ,( carpet stem , long screw stem , regular stem )

DIMENSIONS: Outer Dia: 35mm x Top Dia: 25mm x Thickness: 4.5mm
COLOR : Any color
FIXING METHOD :Drill and screw
LOCATION :Indoor, Outdoor

720pcs / 800pcs per carton, 30000pcs /Pallet

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